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Thursday 24 Apr 2014
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Brent is known for having a very diverse 'Bag Of Tricks'.  Interactive games for all ages, slight of hand illusions, inspiring devotionals, musical comedy, worship, and more are all elements you can request as you see fit for your event.  You share the goal Brent will work to support you.


Brent is not someone to 'watch', instead he is someone to 'experience'.  Having the audience participate is an absolute part of the event.  Brent's songs, games, illusions, and devotionals are all creatively delivered in order to captivate an audience of kids or adults.

Engaging WORSHIP

Brent's passion is to have people experience Christ in fun and exciting musical ways.  With a lengthy and diverse list of original songs, as well as songs we all know and experience from our own church, you'll love lifting your voice to God with energy and passion.


Brent Weber
is one of the nations leading singer/songwriters, worship leaders, and entertainers for kids and families. Brent has a unique gift of communicating the powerful message of Jesus Christ through interactive worship, illusions, crazy stage games, and on stage humor.

Brent has spent over 20 years in children's ministry.  Serving as a young volunteer, playing and writing music for kids, it unveiled a calling he has been passionate about ever since.  His desire is to serve you and your ministry with excitement, energy and Godly truth while you watch the smiles and laughter!

Block Banners So Much Fun

Thank You

"We really appreciate you and your message. I love to see the kids laughing and singing with innocence. I pray for your continued focus on the hearts of suffering kids who desperately need to hear Jesus form people like you. Keep doing a great job!" - Parent

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